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Hi, i'm a French self thought HipHop, Neo Soul musician who sings and rap in english.
Let me give you the proper context behind the music and who i am.

As a fan of the 90s early 2000 HipHop Rnb US music, i decided that i'll make music in english, so i spent many years learning this language. Also, i learned beatmaking, sound engeneering and multiple instruments by myself (with the internet) and my main instrument is the bass.
Thanks to all that, i craft the music from A to Z at my home studio (write, record, produce, mix and master), unless otherwise noted.
When i make music, i strive to stay honest and have an optimistic point of view.

Also, I'm totally independant, it means that i invest my own money and manage everything by my self as well so every kind of support will be highly appriciated.
I planned to keep on making and releasing high quality music for a long time !
Feel free to support me via the paypal button and follow me on social media If you want me to continue, it will help me a lot !


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